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New Lead-Based Paint Legislation: Local Law 111 of 2023 Effective June 2024

By Richard A. Fogel |

As of June 2024, New York City property owners and landlords will need to comply with Local Law 111 of 2023, a significant new piece of legislation aimed at reducing lead-based paint hazards. This law is an extension of the city’s ongoing efforts to protect public health, particularly the health of children who are… Read More »

Image showing insurance companies and insurance services to sell insurance policies.

The Role of Policy Exclusions in New York Insurance Coverage Cases

By Richard A. Fogel |

Insurance policies are lengthy and complex. Even attorneys who regularly draft and review contracts and other legal documents are often astounded at the depth of intricate legalese to be found in even a basic liability insurance policy. One of the trickier and yet most important provisions to understand deals with policy exclusions. Exclusions play… Read More »

Two house painters in hazmat suits removing lead paint from an old house.

Understanding New York Lead Paint Laws: A Landlord’s Guide

By Richard A. Fogel |

New York landlords, property managers, and related companies must navigate a complex landscape of legal obligations when it comes to managing their properties. One of the biggest concerns for landlords in New York is lead paint. Given the serious health risks associated with lead exposure, New York has enacted stringent laws to mitigate these… Read More »

insurance coverage law

Tips for Managing Risk and Avoiding Insurance Coverage Disputes in New York

By Richard A. Fogel |

In the ever-evolving landscape of New York’s insurance industry, risk management is a crucial aspect for businesses and individuals alike. As a New York insurance defense law firm, the Law Offices of Richard A. Fogel, P.C., understands the complexities and challenges that policyholders face. From our perspective as insurance defense counsel, we understand the… Read More »

Double exposure of engineer in safety helmet with oil plant.

How Is Chemical Exposure Proven?

By Richard A. Fogel |

Toxic torts (injuries caused by exposure to chemicals and hazardous substances) can be complex cases to prove, and equally challenging to defend. Victims of chemical exposure may suffer from a range of health issues, from minor irritations to severe, life-threatening conditions. For years now, New York courts have defined and refined the test or… Read More »

red, black and white Danger, Lead Paint warning sign

Understanding Lead Audit Violations and Their Consequences in New York City

By Richard A. Fogel |

As a law firm that regularly defends landlords in toxic tort cases in New York courts, we are well aware of the stringent requirements on building owners when it comes to lead paint. While our firm’s focus involves representation on legal claims and civil litigation, we know that landlords face challenges from every corner,… Read More »

Abandoned Building in disrepair.

Understanding and Objecting to Charges Under NYC’s Emergency Repair Program

By Richard A. Fogel |

The New York City Emergency Repair Program (ERP) is a critical initiative under the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD). This program plays a vital role in ensuring that residential buildings comply with safety and health standards. However, for building owners and landlords, the ERP can be a costly and invasive program to… Read More »

Landlord-Tenant Law is shown using a text

What Landlords Need to Know About the Alternative Enforcement Program

By Richard A. Fogel |

For landlords in New York, particularly those operating multiple dwelling units, it’s crucial to be aware of the Alternative Enforcement Program (AEP) overseen by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD). This blog post aims to provide an informative overview of AEP, its implications for landlords, particularly with respect to lead paint and… Read More »

Hvac worker fills out warranty contract

What Are the Main Types of Product Liability Claims?

By Richard A. Fogel |

Product liability claims arise when consumers sue product manufacturers, distributors or retailers alleging some product defect caused them harm. Product liability claims can involve a single plaintiff or thousands banded together in a class action. The exposure to businesses is therefore great, with a potential for damages that can easily range into the tens… Read More »

Close-up view on white conceptual keyboard - Product Liability (blue key)

Defenses in a Product Liability Lawsuit

By Richard A. Fogel |

In the complex landscape of allegedly defective consumer goods, medical devices, and toxic tort litigation, product liability claims often emerge as a significant concern for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Working with a New York product liability attorney who understands the defenses available in such lawsuits is crucial for businesses operating in New York, a… Read More »

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